A short queue and a smooth purchasing process are among the main elements that define the customers’ shopping experience. A good customer experience leads to profitable sales and helps return the customer the store.The Queue management module allows store managers to automatically and efficiently manage the number of operational points-of-sales so that the queues will be short. The system accuracy and the change of point-of-sale load was tested by several retail chains and found to be very efficient. The system decreased point-of-sale loads up to 50% and divided the load between all available points-of-sales.


  • Better customer experience  – customers appreciate time saving shorter queues
  • Smarter operation – automatically shifting employees between the point-of-sale and shelves stock loading
  • Measurement – the system enables  the store manager or the chain headquarters  to measure during real time  the level of service in every point-of-sale
  • Upsales –  When the queues are short customers have more time to listen the cashier upsale speech


  • Real time queue identification
  • Real time alerts to the employees on their next store task
  • 85% accuracy in queue alerts
  • Statistics interface including “New Point-of-sale opening time, Number of new point-of-sale openings and more
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