Video analytics is being used by many industries for automatically following up on objects movements and sounding alerts on un-authorized or out-of-line activities. Video analytics provides a good way to identify the objects and their movement but requires another layer of information to automatically understand their intention. Crossing between the video analytics layer and other layers of information is the key to Wiseye’s technology.The Wiseye platform allows combining information from various sources and analyzes the information so that store or mall managers at different levels can receive real time complete visuals and alerts regarding store / mall functioning. The platform provides information and alerts through a dashboard, direct SMSs to mobile phones and sends automated voice announcements through the store voice system (VoIP).
The close environment of a store or a mall can provide multiple sources of information about the customers’ movement and their behaviour within this environment. The multiple sources of information can be the point-of-sale inputs, a smart cart device or the customer’s mobile phone (with his permission to carry out follow ups on the device). Knowing a specific customer route within the store or mall can provide valuable information if combined with the final purchased items. Keeping tracks on re-visited customers and their purchasing habits allows the entire store to respond to the individuals’ needs – from commercial displays to hourly sale deals and discounts.The Wiseye platform is connected to  the existing store servers to receive point-of-sales purchasing information , the store’s wireless network for tracking mobile devices (smart carts, mobile phones..) and to its own video cameras  which are installed in specific locations within the store (above the point-of-sales, store entrance, discount islands …).
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