Wiseye brings Real-Time insight to standard Retail shelf in traditional stores, enabling them to become a part of the IoT. This allows visibility & communication with the shelf at all times. Our mission is to use the store shelf as a platform for interacting with employees/customers in a variety of use cases:  Logistics & operation, Marketing & promotions, and creating valuable data that can be used by suppliers. For more information see WiseShelf .

Our solution, The Wiseshelf, is composed of two elements: Hardware -A modular, wireless IoT Shelf appliance that collects light sensor values and transmits via Wi-Fi  to the cloud. SW- a cloud based analytic application that digitizes the data sent from the shelf and sends Real-Time alerts, recommendations & statistics to Retailers and suppliers. The shelf & the cloud are connected allowing a comprehensive set of interactive applications.


  • Send alerts to the Retailer/Suppliers as the stock level goes down and avoid situation where the shelf is getting empty.
  • Optimize facing of products
  • Visual  planogram compliance
  • Big data analytics and predictive recommendations
  • Shelf conversion rate
  • Visual Merchandising- Greater exposure to Sales & Promotions
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